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Global Matters Weekly – Investing like Roger Federer

Roger Federer, one of the most esteemed tennis players of all time, had a career spanning over 20 years, winning 20 Grand Slam titles and earning $1.1 billion, despite winning only 53% of individual points. This analogy underscores that consistent, repeatable decision-making, rather than occasional big wins, is crucial in

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Global Matters Weekly – Stock picks for Starmer

As the UK goes to the ballot box on Thursday 4 July for the first time in nearly five years, if the pollsters are correct the result seems almost like a foregone conclusion with a Labour Government set to end a 14-year Conservative (Tory) Party run. Download PDF

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Global Matters Weekly – In plain sight

One of the most attractive areas in terms of valuation is that of investment trusts. We use investment trusts extensively across the portfolios such as Momentum Diversified Growth Fund (MDGF) and Momentum Diversified Income Fund (MDIF); where the income generation from trusts is crucial. Download PDF

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Global Matters Weekly – Macron’s political gamble

French president Emmanuel Macron’s decision to dissolve parliament and hold snap elections (just weeks before the start of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris no less) seems strange and rushed at first glance but there may be a method to the madness. Will it backfire? Download PDF


Viewpoint – May 2024

In a reversal of the April sell-off, equity and bond markets generally performed well in May. The MSCI World index of developed markets gained 4.5% while US Treasuries returned 1.5% and Global Government bonds 1.0%. The US equity market led the way, +4.9%, with tech dominant. The Nasdaq index returned

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Global Matters Weekly – The future of fund management

In contrast to the huge growth in passive AUM in recent years, conditions for active managers are arguably the hardest they’ve been at any time in recent decades, driven in particular by: the higher interest rate environment, leading to steep losses on fixed income assets and investors switching into or

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Global Matters Weekly – Reform with Chinese characteristics

While Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOE) reform is not a new phenomenon, changes appear to have gathered pace over the last 18 months, beginning with the ‘Three-Year Action Plan’ in November 2022, which set out a strategy to improve corporate governance and communications. Download PDF

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Global Matters Weekly – Bipolar markets

May, being Mental Health Awareness Month, provides a perfect opportunity to assess the current state of the market and identify potential symptoms of its existing imbalances and disorders. To do this, we must first conduct health checks on the market structure, its key players, and their motives, enabling a better

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Global Matters Weekly – Hidden assets

Recent years have demonstrated the flaws of a traditional 60/40 equity/bond portfolio. Such portfolios suffered one of their worst years on record in 2022, when accelerating inflation and rapidly rising interest rates proved a hostile environment for both global equities and global bonds. Download PDF